Geisha with Parasol

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This piece takes a non-traditional approach to the "Ring of Fire" theme combining "Ring" Mottled Glass in the kimono with "Fired" glass paint facial detail. I designed the geisha pattern and used a variety of specialty glass pieces and decorative copper foil in selected areas.   Note what appears to be a butterfly (universal symbol of new life) in the lower left portion of the panel on the obi bow.  It is a natural formation in the Uroboros glass.

The fine inner spokes of the parasol are made from tinned wire mesh.  I created the hair ornament by tinning copper roses and making "leaves" from wire loops.  The hanging fringe is made from tinned chain and the looped accent was made by twisting the fine silver wire (contest element) with a jeweler's tool.  Features were first tool etched and then painted with glass paints.

This is a companion piece that goes with a portrait that I made of our afghan hound  "Geisha"~(Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs). 

Ring Of Fire Contest 2010 entry
Item Used: Metal Mesh


Monday, January 17, 2011
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So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.