Love Blooms Eternal

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This is a bird feeder/hanging light that I made using a Krafty Blok, copper wire, Metal Mesh, Spring Milli's and red pebbles. 

First I drilled holes in the bottom of the block, one on each side using a diamond hole saw and pan full of water to cover the block. I then hand made all the petals, leaves, and hand twisted/wrapped all the wire for this project (OOoouuuuccccchhhhhh! LOL) The spring milli's were "melted" to a somewhat eveness in my small 6x6x6 inch tabletop kiln. I loaded a bunch of them onto a shelf with thinfire paper, and voila little spheres with flat bottoms!  I then laid out the pattern and glued all the little pieces onto the outside with E-6000.  I made the "cap" by wrapping a piece of copper mesh around the plastice one that came with the blok. Using two thinner pieces of twisted copper wire (each @ 2' long)  I secured the cap with "hooks" fashioned from the ends, after wrapping them around the bottoms and sides bringing them up to the top and twisting both ends together. Next the two thicker pieces of wire (each @ 5' long) were used to wrap around the perches and down under the bottom to help support larger birds and the weight of the blok itself wrapping the wire around to give it a "braided" look on the sides and then twisting and wrapping all pieces together to form the hanging ring.  I then used two small pieces of wire to form "guides" for the hanging wire so that it would be centered and balanced, attaching them to the two thin pieces of copper by wrapping one end around both pieces on both sides and allow for sliding to "adjust" them. 

This project took about 3 tries to get it right but I think the improvements I made, made it much easier to repeat the process a in the near future! I also added my initials into the wire vine on one side of the project so it is a signed artist's piece :) See if you can find them! (hint: your looking for T.A.B. not neccessarily in order.)

 I hung it outside from my front porch to keep the other critters ( gosh darn squirrels!) from destroying it and where I can see it from my studio :)  It can also be used as a table top light or a hanging light by threading a strand of white lights through it or by placing small votive candles in the bottom! (just remember to take off the top)  Very pretty with lights, candles and in the sun just hanging as a decoration!  I was so pleased with the way my basket turned out that I had to try again with something different! Hope you like this one too!!

Ring Of Fire Contest 2010 entry
Item Used: Krafty Blok