Curious Bluebird

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Curious Bluebird

Delphi product used: 1/8" diamond copper mesh, kiln-fired  with opaque metal enamel, set on a re-cycled slate tile with natural moss

Ever since I got my little kiln, I've worked to learn everything that it is capable of.  I've learned a few different techniques for fusing glass, as well as having worked in all three metal clays (silver, copper, and bronze). I like combining as many techniques and materials as I can in the pieces that I create, which are usually jewelry pieces due to the limited size.

...and enamelling was on my list of things to learn!   I pulled the metal mesh into the shapes of a bird, and flower, then brushed them with Klyr fire and fired them in the kiln at 1450.  It was pretty challenging, since the bird's head brushed the top of my kiln ceiling when it was inside firing!

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Ring Of Fire Contest 2010 entry
Item Used: Metal Mesh

anne marie s.

Thursday, July 1, 2010
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 Hi Brenda -- I love the Curious Bluebird!  I hope to see it in person someday. Anne Marie Palita Smith