Creators Bottle Neck Cutter

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Product Features

  • Remove the tops of even tapered bottles with ease
  • Adjusts to cut up to 4" deep from the bottle lip
  • Sits securely into bottle top for a precision aligned score
  • Rugged yet simple construction to last
  • Includes a fine grit, contoured abrasive stone for finishing edges

Product Description

When a Little Off the Top Is All You Need
Turn your trash into treasure with the Creator's Bottle Neck Cutter. Designed to cut the neck of bottles, this precision tool will help you breeze through your glass projects. The unique design works on straight or tapered bottle necks, and can be adjusted to cut from the very lip of the bottle or reach a depth of up to approximately 4-1/2". This tool can also be used to cut mini-bar bottles to create fun shot glasses.

Made of thick, impact resistant Lexan plastic in a vibrant Electric Blue hue, this tool will be a stand out in your workshop. You'll get a smooth score time after time with the high quality carbide cutting head. The simple, yet sturdy construction means you can cut with confidence and ease to create anything from vases to terrariums.

Includes a fine grit Abrasive Stone, designed to make smoothing cut bottles easy. The 6" long x 1/2" half-round contour stone can be used to finish the inside and outside of your bottles - eliminating sharp surfaces.

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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Wonder cutter
By on
Pros : This is a fabulous cutter! It takes me less than a quarter of the time to cut the neck off a bottle compared to any other method I have used. It has saved me a ton of time. I highly recommend this tool!
Cons : There are no cons of that I have found.
Other Thoughts : It works very nicely on different size bottles without any problem. It's fabulous!
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