Red Bumblebee Glass Cutter

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Product Features

  • Pistol style cutter is easy to hold and reduces wrist fatigue
  • Comfortable grip for precise cuts
  • Comes with magnetic stand and oil well

Product Description

The Bumblebee cutter is easy to hold and reduces wrist fatigue. Its unique shape maintains a more natural cutting edge.  Line up the cutting wheel with the intended score line at a slight downward angle, apply moderate pressure to the cutting wheel and push away. A good score begins at one edge of the glass and runs to the other edge. It should look like a piece of hair on the glass. If it looks like salt, you've pressed too hard. Comes with a magnetic stand and oil well designed to fit into your Waffle Grid (#5425) work surface

Additional images show the Bumblebee next to the Hummingbird cutter (#54264R).

Delphi Cutting Tip:
To hold the pistol grip glass cutter, place your thumb on the top of the handle just above the cutting wheel and curl your remaining fingers underneath the handle.

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