Delphi Glass Enameling Basic Kit

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  • Featuring Milton Bridge Enamels for Delphi
  • Affordable quality - only 25% the cost of traditional enamels
  • Enamels are premixed to eliminate the mixing and mess
  • Long lasting pre-mixed formula doesn't dry out in pens
  • Set of 7 pens - colors mature when fired
  • Enamels can be mixed for an unlimited range of rich custom colors
  • Enamels mature between 1382°F - 1450°F on glass

Product Description

exclusive Featuring Milton Bridge Enamels for Delphi
Add brilliantly colored details to your art, it's easy with our enameling beginner kit - all you need is a kiln. Kit includes the supplies you need to create four unique enameled glass tiles and plenty of extra enamel and supplies for additional projects. Enamels are pre-mixed, eliminating the mess and guess-work of mixing to get the correct ratio - the colors are already suspended in a liquid base that applies smoothly, fires cleanly and will not dry out in the pen. Apply enamels directly to your glass from the pen or use a palette to pick up enamels on brushes for different brushstroke techniques and effects. Kit includes 7 rich colors that can be mixed for an endless variety of colors. For tips on mixing custom colors, get started with our free color guide.

Allow enamels to dry completely before firing in a kiln. Enamels mature and become permanent when fired between 1382°F - 1450°F. Note: Enamel colors mature during firing and may appear different from pre-fired colors.

Recommended by the UK Guild of Enamelers. A Delphi Exclusive!

Kit includes: 

  • 7 Pre-mixed Enamel Colors 30ml each
  • #2 Detail brush
  • Alundum stone - 220 grit
  • Paint Pallet
  • Kemper Wipe Out Tool
  • 4 - 4-1/4" Clear glass tiles
Cabochons by artist Lexan Cranfill, tile project by Delphi Artists, floral tile by artist Karina Foster. Fused enamel bowl by artist Dane Porter.