8.5 Oz Turquoise Green Opal Fine Frit -96 COE

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Product Features

  • Convenient 8.5 oz containers come with secure screw top lids
  • Create pictures that will last - frits are perfect for illustrating designs on glass
  • Ideal for glass casting
  • 96 COE

Product Description

A staple for hot glass artists, you will find frit useful for many applications, including jewelry and casting projects. Made from Oceanside sheet glass, clean-crushed and screened. Packaged in convenient 8.5 oz. jars. Glass is opaque. 96 COE.

This color is a copper-bearing formulation that can be used to create stunning effects when combined with Red Reactive glass and frit by taking advantage of chemistry and heat. As the particles of adjacent glass melt, the elements in Red Reactive glass or frit respond to neighboring glass containing copper and cause a color change where they meet. This reaction appears as a red-tone line or halo that can vary in intensity depending on copper content, temperature and time. Turquoise Green color typically results in a medium reaction to Red Reactive Transparent glass #X60003, Red Reactive Transparent frit #XF0032, and a mild reaction to Red Reactive Opal glass #X60045, Red Reactive Opal frit #XF0452. Extending the firing time, increasing the processing temperature or adding additional firings can help intensify the reaction created when you create with this glass and Red Reactive. Click here for more information.

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