8.5 Oz Red Reactive Opal Powder Frit - 96 COE

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Product Features

  • Convenient 8.5 oz containers come with secure screw top lids
  • Perfect for glass casting and glass picture applications
  • 96 COE

Product Description

Red Reactive Opal Frit is Anything But Plain Frit!
Elements in this milky white opal frit react to the metal content in other colors, creating unique color shifts and rings; typically a very thin line in a reddish hue around the added glass embellishments. Made from Oceanside sheet glass, clean-crushed and screened. Packaged in convenient 8-1/2 oz. jars. 96 COE. Glass is opaque.

Click 'View User Manual' for more information about this unique glass and a useful reactivity guide to Oceanside Colors, courtesy of Oceanside.

Main image shows frit unfired with an inset square showing the effect of Reactive glass. Image below shows close up of the effect of Reactive glass when fused with Fine Sky Blue and Mosaic Turquoise Opal Frit.

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