8.5 Oz Red Reactive Transparent Fine Frit - 96 COE

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Product Features

  • Special formulation creates stunning effects in your art
  • Color shifts upon fusing for unique effects - See User Manual
  • Stays milky white unless paired with reactive glass
  • 96 COE

Product Description

Red Reactive Transparent Frit is Anything But Plain Frit!
The special formulation of Red Reactive frit creates stunning effects in your art by taking advantage of chemistry and heat. As the particles of adjacent frit melt, the elements in Red Reactive Glass respond to neighboring glass containing copper and cause a color change where they meet. This reaction appears as a red-tone line or halo that can vary in intensity depending on copper content, temperature and time. Copper is present in many blue and blue-green glass colors, however not all contain enough copper to cause a noticeable reaction. Click here for a chart to help identify glass that will create the reaction you're looking for.

Made from Oceanside sheet glass, clean-crushed and screened. Packaged in convenient 8-1/2 oz. jars. 96 COE. Glass is transparent.

Click 'View User Manual' for more information about this unique glass and a useful reactivity guide to System 96 Colors, courtesy of Uroboros Glass Studios and System 96.

Main image shows frit unfired with an inset square showing the effect of Reactive glass. Image below shows close up of the effect of Reactive glass when fused with Fine Sky Blue and Mosaic Turquoise Opal Frit.

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