8.5 Oz Lime Green Transparent Medium Frit - 96 COE

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Product Features

  • Convenient 8.5 oz containers come with secure screw top lids
  • Perfect for glass casting and picture applications
  • A perfect way to add a bright splash of color to any design
  • 96 COE

Product Description

A staple for hot glass artists, you will find frit useful for many applications, including jewelry and casting projects. Frit is made from sheets of Oceanside Compatible art glass which is crushed, screened, and then packaged in convenient 8.5 oz jars. 96 COE. Glass is transparent.

Frit size can be used to control the opacity of your cast project, the larger the grit the better the clarity as showcased in the frit pyramid shown in additional images. Fine and medium frit are excellent for adding small details to your fused project as shown the nature scenes created by artists Melanie Churchill and Julie Haan. Cast heart box image courtesy of Colour de Verre.

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