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Medium Invisible Plate Hanger

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Item# 81799
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Product Features

  • Invisible design doesn't show when your art is hung
  • Secure adhesive holds up, but won't damage your art if you choose to remove it
  • Easy to apply - simply wet, position and wait
  • Use on glass, ceramics and more
  • 75mm Disc supports art up to 8" diameter

Product Description

Show Off Your Art - Not Your Hanger
Your art shouldn't have to share the spotlight with an unattractive conventional hanger. The Disc Plate Hanger is the ideal solution to showing off your creations - it affixes to the reverse of your art and provides a secure, invisible way to hang your project flat against the wall.

Easy to Use:

  1. Clean your artwork to remove any contaminants or oils that may prevent adhesion.
  2. Wet the adhesive side of the Disc Hanger. Use your fingertip to mix the water with adhesive to activate the glue.
  3. Once the glue becomes tacky, position the disc on the reverse of the project and press out any air bubbles.
    Tip: Check that the hanger is positioned at the "top" of your art right away.
  4. Allow adhesive to set 8-12 hours before testing to ensure the hanger is securely affixed to your art.
  5. Hang your art easily from the metal ring.
Pre-applied adhesive is designed to create a strong bond with glass, ceramic, finished wood and more. This allows you to hang glass art, antiques, pictures and mixed-media creations. The adhesive won't yellow, age or harden, and holds up well in typical household temperature and humidity variances. If you wish to remove the hanger, simply soak in warm water - the adhesive will release without damaging any glazes, back stamps or other markings.

The 75mm (approximately 3") diameter hanger holds projects up to 8" in diameter. Sold individually.

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