Tree Of Life Bottle Slumper

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Product Features

  • A stylish way to upcycle your bottles
  • Slump and add intricate details on a single firing
  • Durable ceramic molds can be used multiple times
  • Mold measures approximately 5-1/2" wide by 16" long.

Product Description

The Tree of Life design is prominent in philosophy, theology and mythology, appearing in art works from around the world. Create gorgeous, upcycled artwork with this enduring design symbolizing a connection with all life. Reusable mold can be fired many times. For best results, ZYP Boron Nitride Spray is recommended for texture molds. Mold measures approximately 5-1/2" wide by 16" long. 

Find firing tips, schedules and bottle slumping FAQ's .PDF's under additional images. These will help answer your basic bottle slumping questions as well as give you tips for firing schedules.