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ShapeCasters Medium Kiln Kit

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Product Description

Reusable Casting Shapes
Virtually unlimited configurations can be created using high quality stainless steel rings and angles to design unique casting molds. Cast perfect circles, unique cut-outs, various angles and more. Cast on the inside of rings and angles to make circles, squares and rectangles or cast on the outside to create voids.

With Shape Casters, casting is quick and easy. Just make your shape, line with fiber paper, add glass and fire. Medium Kiln Kit is ideal for 12" and 14" kilns. Fiber paper and kiln safe glue not included. 45 pieces, details below.

Kit includes:

  • Complete instructions
  • 5 Circle casting rings (between 8" and 12")
  • 40 angles (between 60 - 120 degrees)

Delphi Tip: Use white school glue such as Elmer's Glue to attach fiber paper to stainless steel mold components.

Project images courtesy of Artifex Tools.

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