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Jesus Texture Mold by Creative Paradise

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Item# 80564
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  • Create a lasting impression and give your glass art dimension
  • Durable ceramic texture mold is easy to use and can be fired multiple times
  • Once textured, the glass can be slumped to create lovely vessels or displayed flat as panels, suncatchers or even lamps
  • Mold measures 8" x 8"

Product Description

Fuse fun details into your glass with reusable texture molds. Fire glass on mold to imprint texture. Once fired you can slump it, texture side up, to create serving dishes and plates with amazing detail. A quick and fun project idea. Must kiln wash before use. Measures 8" x 8".

For tips on getting the most out of your texture molds and for firing schedules view "Creating with Texture Molds" project guide shown with additional images.

Project courtesy of Stephanie O'Toole of Creative Paradise.

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