1/4" Round U Lead Came – 15 Lbs Spool

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Product Features

  • Spooled lead means no more twisted lengths of came
  • Easy to store, takes up less space in your studio
  • 15 lbs. No extra boxing or shipping charges
  • Use for classical leaded stained glass or larger projects

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Product Description

Spooled lead is easy to use and easy to store! No more bulky boxes to store or twisted lengths of came. This revolutionary new method of storing and dispensing lead will make your glass work easier than ever! With spooled lead there are also no extra boxing or shipping charges.

With its thick rounded bottom, 1/4" Round U lead came should be soldered to the outside of edge of decorative mirrors and other glass art projects to give them a professional touch. Wide 13/64" channel. Face measures 1/4". Approximately 114 feet long; spool weighs 15 pounds.