COPPRclay 100 Gm

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Create with an incredible artistic range!
Copper is an economical way to create large pieces and sculptures. It's also great for creating jewelry, jewelry components, custom-crafted specialized tools or working with enamels. COPPRclay can be pinched, rolled, sculpted, cut or manipulated. The binder will burn away, leaving a solid, pure copper object. You can even practice new techniques or design ideas using COPPRclay then apply your new skills to precious metals. Shrinks about 20% during firing. 100 gram package.

COPPRclay projects must be surrounded by activated carbon, like #63423 Coconut Carbon, during firing. Also, COPPRclay must be fired in a stainless steel container like #63424. Click "View User Manual" for instructions.

Pendant by artist Julie Haan.

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