Normal Flux Transparent Enamel - 30 Grams

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  • Non-reactive clear is an ideal choice for a base coat or counter-enamel
  • Fires between 1508° - 1544°
  • Sold in 30 gram bags
  • Recommended by the UK Guild of Enamelers

Product Description

Create with Milton Bridge Powder Enamels
Normal Flux enamel can also be used as a base to enhance other colors for your metal enamel art to help ensure your enamel colors develop true by eliminating reactivity with the metal. This clear enamel is an ideal base layer for your copper and brass enamel art and as a counter-enamel on the back of your enamel designs. This flux enamel is ideal for projects requiring just one or two firings, for projects that need to withstand multiple enamel firings Hard Flux may be a more suitable choice.

Fires between 1508° - 1544°.

Enamels can be sifted on projects, used with stencils or mixed with Klyr Fire #7405A1 and painted on. You can even use them to write and draw on glass! Transparent enamels are approximately 50 mesh. Enamels are sold in 30 gram bags.

Note: For your safety wear an approved particulate mask, such as #5159 respirator, while handling powders.

Flux enamel shown fired on copper.