Mosaic Outdoor Cement - 10 Lb

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Product Description

Super-Strong Formula for Durable Mosaic Projects
Use Jennifer's Outdoor Mosaic Cement for indirect (mold) projects. Create mosaic stepping stones, tables, benches, and much more. Super strong formula stands up to harsh weather for long-lasting projects. Easy-to-use cement results in a smooth, porcelain white finish. Use with Mosaic Colorants (#2203) for more colorful options. 10 lbs.

Drying Time: Allow cement to set-up in mold for a minimum of 5 hours for smaller molds, overnight for larger molds before turning out onto a smooth, solid surface. Place stone on several layers of newspaper. Peel off contact paper and clean off any smudged cement on glass with a wet sponge or a green scrubby. Continue drying for an additional 12 hours. Allow stone to fully cure indoors for 28 days before placing outdoors.

Mosaic stones below created by Delphi customers and donated to charity at Delphi's Mosaic Magic Event.