Heat Gun - 1500 Watts

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Product Features

  • Lightweight design with a comfortable grip handle
  • 1500 Watt gun heats quickly
  • 3 settings for the perfect amount of heat

Product Description

Set No Days Glazes in an instant with this powerful, 1500 watt heat gun. Lightweight hand-held design heats quickly and directs a stream of hot air to your projects for fast results. Features a comfortable, secure grip handle and 3 position switch with high, low and off settings (see image below).

Delphi Tip: When using the heat gun with glass, make sure to use the lowest setting to prevent thermal-shock.

Step by Step:
1. Cut your No Days Glaze sheet or sheets to fit the top surface.
2. Place your glass pieces or other mosaic medium on the adhesive sheet.
3. Using your heat gun apply heat evenly until the No Days Mosaic Adhesive film begins to flow. Adhesive flows at a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. When melted, grout as usual.