No Days Mosaic Mesh - 5 Sheets

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Product Features

  • Heat activated adhesive is convenient and easy
  • Easily re-arrange pieces as you go
  • A must in large and architectural applications

Product Description

Mosaic Mesh with Built in Adhesive makes it easy!
Mesh is conveniently coated with heat activated adhesive, so you can place and reposition pieces with ease. When you're ready, simply warm mesh with a heat gun to activate adhesive. You can move from layout to installing directly into mastic in minutes, no more waiting! Includes instructions and five 12" x 48" sheets.

No messy glues, adhesive is right on mesh. Using Heat Gun #73076, just heat to activate, cools to set.

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4 out of 5 stars
  •   Useful mosaic product
By on
Pros : Takes only a little time to heat. I used a heat gun. Once cooled the glass stuck very well. I spread adhesive on the wall and on the back of the mesh for best results.
Cons : First package I got did not work very well because there wasn't as much glue on the mesh as the second package I used.
Other Thoughts : Use the enclosed paper when heating or the mesh will stick to your work area. If this happens just heat again until loose
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   I love this!
By on
Pros : Easy to hear up and easy to moove the pieces where you want them. I am making cut glass table tops and this application worked perfectly for me, once I figured out what I was doing! ha!
Cons : I would love to see this in a wider and longer ROLL instead of sheets!
Other Thoughts : Keep a pair of tweezers handy to fine tune where the glass is placed once it is hot. (because the glass gets HOT with the heat gun!). I used 2 heavy cast iron presses (like for bacon or meat, or a flat bottom cast iron skillet) to press and set the hot glass pieces once they were in place! This worked great because it allowed those pieces to cool and adhear to the mesh while I was working on another section, since I worked on an 8"-10" section at a time!
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1 out of 5 stars
  •   Not for small mosaic work
By on
Pros :
Cons : The glass pieces slide on the slick surface. Any bump or nudge of work surface scatters pieces. Also not good with area heating as the glue melts around the pieces and makes adding to the area impossible because it comes up the sides. Then you have a bubbly mess that hardens as soon as it cools.
Other Thoughts : I tried ironing the glass pieces to heat it up, but the glass starts to move as soon as it reaches temp. It might be good for large pieces, but is definitely not for micro mosaic.
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