Trac Wheel Supercutter

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Product Features

  • Trac wheel head provides traction
  • Durable carbide steel cutting wheel outlasts conventional cutters
  • Features a comfort-contoured pencil style hand grip
  • Cutter head is replaceable

Product Description

Supercutters outlast other cutters by up to 25 times! Toyo's Supercutters live up to their name. This comfort-Grip cutter is lightweight and easy to hold. Trac wheel head features micro-notches along the edge of the wheel providing traction, reducing chances of the wheel skipping. A solid, molded handle provides proper balance and grip making it comfortable to hold and easy to use. The handle is lightly textured and comfort-contoured for a solid grip. 

Delphi Cutting Tip:
To hold the glass cutter, place your thumb on the backside of the cutting wheel. Place your middle and index fingers on the front, similar to holding a pen. Your thumb and fingers should be positioned just above the cutting wheel. For more control place your free hand in the same position.