Black Opaque Powder Enamel - 1 Oz.

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  • Fires between 1380° - 1650° F
  • Color matures upon firing
  • Sold in 1 oz bags

Product Description

Create with Powder Enamels
Add brilliantly colored details to your art. Enamels can be sifted on projects, used with stencils or mixed with Water Friendly Medium #40334 and painted on. Besides Water Friendly medium, enamels can also be mixed with Liquid Stringer #40999. No ventilation or special fusing schedules needed. 1 oz covers approximately 3.7 square feet of glass. Compatible with 90 and 96 COE Enamels are sold in 1 oz. bags.

Enamels mature between 1380° - 1650° F.

Note: For your safety wear an approved particulate mask, such as #5159 respirator, while handling powders.

Owl and platter projects by artist Cheryl Chapman of Silly Dog Art Glass. Landscape project by artist Jeanie Phillips.