Mythical Dragon Blue Enamel Decals


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  • Full color decals are permanent when fired
  • Add detail to your art
  • Works with any COE

Product Description

Detailed dragon silhouettes are perfect for fused art with personality. Fusible enamel decals stay blue when fired in the kiln, producing rich results in exquisite detail. 3-1/2" x 5" Sheet includes 16 decals. Designs measure approximately 1" at widest point. Works with all glass COEs.

To apply, cut out the design desired, soak in warm water until loosened from backing, then slide and position on glass. Carefully smooth down to eliminate any bubbles and allow to dry completely before firing. Decals mature becoming permanent when fired to 1290° F.

Decals are food safe. Designs are best not capped with clear glass as that may distort the design.

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