Summer Fun Opaque Powder Enamel Assortment - 5 Colors

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  • Contains 5 colors, 1 oz. each
  • Fires between 1380° - 1650° F
  • Color matures upon firing

Product Description

Create with Powder Enamels
Add brilliantly colored details to your art. Enamels can be sifted on projects, used with stencils or mixed with Water Friendly Medium #40334 and painted on. Besides Water Friendly medium, enamels can also be mixed with Liquid Stringer #40999. No ventilation or special fusing schedules needed. 1 oz covers approximately 3.7 square feet of glass. Compatible with 90 and 96 COE. Assortment contains five 1 oz bags in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Citrus
  • Sun Yellow
  • Grass Green
  • Turquoise
Enamels mature between 1380° - 1650° F.

Note: For your safety wear an approved particulate mask, such as #5159 respirator, while handling powders.

Owl and platter projects by artist Cheryl Chapman of Silly Dog Art Glass. Landscape project by artist Jeanie Phillips.