Y-96 Sheets - 96 COE

item: Y60096
item: Y4544M
item: Y20296I
item: Y90096I
item: Y20296
item: Y2120M
item: Y27096
item: Y2710M
item: Y2752M
item: Y5202M
item: Y809596
item: Y90396
item: Y930096
item: 100096I
item: 450096I
item: 600096I
item: Y40696I
item: Y73796I
item: Y80096I
item: Y4573M
item: Y1002M
item: Y73796G
item: Y80096G
item: Y801096
item: Y804396
item: Y87396
item: Y25096I
item: Y60696
item: Y66796
item: Y950096
item: Y9501M
item: Y73796
Y-96 Jet Black Opal - 96 COE
50 stars [1]
Starting at $4.15
item: Y910096
item: Y640096
item: Y8420M
item: Y700796
item: Y90096
item: Y100096
item: Y900096
Y-96 Red Opal Striker - 96 COE
Starting at $6.45
item: Y25096
Y-96 Gold Transparent - 96 COE
Starting at $4.15
item: Y40096
item: Y410096
item: Y44496
item: Y450096
item: Y520096
item: Y610096
item: Y201296
item: Y33396
item: Y500096
item: Y50096
Specially formulated fusible glass is tested for it's COE rating (coefficient of expansion) and is designed specifically for kiln firing. Delphi carries a wide selection of both 90 and 96 COE (coefficient of expansion) fusible glass in a variety of textures and colors.

Delphi Tip: See our Fusing Supplies to find project books, beginner kits, tools and embellishments to fire up your creativity.

Please Note: Never mix 90 and 96 COE glass in a project. It will cause stress and result in your piece breaking. When fusing, fire with one COE if combining glass pieces.