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Tiffany-Style Lamps: Odyssey or Worden

Now that I have decided on the Tiffany lamp pattern I want to start with, I was hoping you could tell me the difference between the Worden and Odyssey systems. Can you buy other patterns for your Odyssey form if you go that route? Is the Worden system as good? Is one easier than the other to work with?

With the Worden system, the lamp is constructed on a blank styrofoam form using pins to hold the glass pieces in place. The "magic strip" pattern strips are cut out and glued onto the form using silicone. The glass pieces are held on the form using glass headed pins. The added plus with this system is that there are a variety of patterns for each form. These lamps are finished off with either a spider or vase caps and wire is soldered along the bottom and top edges of the lamp. With the Odyssey system, the lamp is constructed on a fiberglass form which has the lamp design already engraved into the surface. Tacky wax is applied to the surface of the form to hold the glass in place while the lampshade is being constructed. This system comes with two patterns -- one for patterns pieces and one for a layout pattern. The hardware for this system usually consists of a cap, ring, wheel setup. The ring is soldered directly into the top of the lamp and is sandwiched between the cap and wheel which then screws directly onto the top of a lamp base giving it greater stability. The bottom edge is usually finished off with a brass rim. You can make beautiful lamps with either system, but if given a choice, I personally would choose the Odyssey system because I have found it easier to work with and the coordinating hardware gives it a more professional appearance.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
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i have made many lamp's on both types of form's the odyssey being the better of the two.when using the worden form line the bottom edge whith pin's to keep the edge straight.also you can use the brass rim from odyessey on the worden lamp's they give a better more even edge.there is nothing worse than an uneven bottom on your lamp