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Tools For Beginners: Getting Started

I am looking to buy a stained glass "starter" kit, and any other necessary materials for my girlfriend as a present.

We carry a stained glass start-up kit (the Ultimate Start-Up Kit) which contains everything you need to get started cutting and assembling stained glass. This kit contains: 10 pieces of glass in assorted colors, a glass grinder, 100 watt soldering iron, carbide-wheel glass cutter, breaking/grozing pliers, running pliers, 1 pound of 60/40 solder, 7/32" copper foil, flux, flux brush, marking pen and a beginning instruction book.

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Chandra Agostini

Monday, October 26, 2015
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@AnitaDlane The tools and materials needed for stained glass can be a somewhat subjective decision, and can vary based on whether you wish to create in the "Tiffany" Copper Foil technique or in a traditional Leaded Glass technique. The items that you are certain to need are a quality glass cutter, running and/or breaking pliers, and an appropriate soldering iron and solder. There are several beginner kits available, or you can equip your workshop with individually selected items. You may wish to request a Get Started Catalog which supplies helpful tips, basic instruction and offers the most popular tools and kits. Helpful video tutorials on everything from glass cutting to soldering basics can also help you determine which tools and supplies you wish to use - find them art


Friday, October 23, 2015
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Looking for what tools are need for stained projects and cost.