One Day Beginning Stained Glass Class Details

One Day Beginning Stained Glass

One Day Only: 

Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Approx. Material Cost: $20-$50 (Prices will vary depending on glass and came selected)

Experience Required: None

Type of Class: Demonstration and hands-on project

Class Description: Students will be taught the basic copper foil method, including safety, types of glass, patterns, cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, cleaning, patinas, and framing.
NOTE: You may want to bring a snack/lunch for an optional lunch break or you may go out to get lunch.

Safety: Please do not work with solder or lead if you are expecting. Closed toe shoes are preferred. Safety glasses should be worn (will be provided if needed).

Tools & Materials Included: Use of our grinders, saws, glass cutting and soldering tools

Additional Tools & Materials: Glass for your project - cathedral or wispy only, you may want to purchase extra glass – contact store staff for more info if needed.
Came - #5604  3/8" zinc, or # 5612  3/8" copper, 1-6 ft. piece

Optional Tools & Mateirals: #6980A Ez-Pro Stained Glass Start-Up Kit OR #6992 Premium Start-Up Kit OR #69100 Deluxe Stained Glass Took Kit #2404

NOTE: Students need to purchase glass and came before the day of class if possible. We have free patterns for the class. Please ask for one for your glass selection.

See the cancellation policy.

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  • Stained Glass
  • Skill Level
  • Beginner
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  • Call: 800-248-2048 x3024

Class Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
  •   Beginner stained glass
By on
Pros : Provided a lot of useful information and provided you the necessary skills to work on it on your own!
Cons : Expensive for materials if you do not think you will enjoy it.
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Awesome Class with Jeanette!
By on
Pros : We traveled from Mentor OH to take the class! I learned a lot from Jeanette and the store was awesome! I was like a kid in a candy store! It was worth the drive and would come back. Cannot stress how much Jeanette was helping everyone she very knowledgeable and super professional and fun! Great person! My hubby made a lot of new girlfriends too!! Lol! Gina
Cons : There weren’t any!!!
Other Thoughts : Wishing for a closer store to CLE area!
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Fantastic way to get started!
By on
Pros : Incredibly knowledgeable instructor, great option for people from out of town or who can't commit to a multiple-week class, all of the steps to get started in stained glass in one day! A wealth of information and instruction with immediate feedback from a professional on how you can improve your technique--something you can't get from a book or video!
Cons : Trying to go through all of the steps in your first stained glass project in one day is certainly "intense" (there's a reason most introductory classes span several weeks), so you might feel a little rushed, but if you show up well-rested and ready to learn, you will get so much out of this class.
Other Thoughts : Roy is an outstanding teacher! He has many years of experience and a passion for glass, yet he's approachable and was very supportive of everyone in the class even though we varied in experience and skill level. He showed us how to perform each step of the process as a beginner and what precautions to take to get the best results, but he also demonstrated how an experienced professional would typically do the same step and explained how and why you might eventually adapt your technique over time. Definitely take a multi-week class if you can (so you can spread out the instructions and absorb them more effectively), but that wasn't an option for me. To get so much out of just one day fully met my expectations and was exactly what I needed. Tips for an all-day class: 1. Pack a lunch (skip the restaurants) and have a quick picnic outside to maximize class time. 2. Plan on coming back another day just to browse the store, especially to pick out glass! What an experience! Thanks, Ro
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   One Day Beginning Stained Glass Class
By on
Pros : Steena was a very good instructor. She was patient and encouraging. This class lived up to its name. I learned a little bit about every step of creating a stain glass project; beginning to end. It was an excellent class for me who knew nothing about stain glass.
Cons :
Other Thoughts : I enjoyed everyone in the class - instructor and classmates.
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2 out of 5 stars
  •   One Day Beginning Stained Glass
By on
Pros : We finished a project and got to take it home.
Cons : The instructor used tools that were not in the kits that we bought, and we had to buy more than just the kit.
Other Thoughts : It would have been nice if the instructor had walked around the table giving each of us, individual help, at each step, throughout the class, and then worked on her project, after all students were well underway with the given task. It would also be nice if she had used the same tools that we had in our kits. You can tell she has done this a long time, because steps that seemed common sense to her, we had no idea about. She just assumed we knew what we were doing, and really, several of us, had no clue.
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Beginning Stained Glass
By on
Pros : The class was taught well. The subject matter was easy to grasp. It was a very enjoyable class.
Cons : None
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