Fusing: 203 Secrets to Slumping Class Details

Fusing: 203 Secrets to Slumping

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One Day Only: 

Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Instructor: Roy Kapp

Approx. Material Cost: Depends on project

Experience Required: Students must have previous fusing experience, such as a beginning fusing class like Fusing Is Fun or Beginning Fusing: 101.

Type of Class: Demonstration and hands-on projects

Class Description: Not sure at what temperature to best slump your glass project? Then this informative and hands-on class is just for you. Topics will include how glass reacts to temperature, how different styles of molds require different temperatures, how glass thickness affects the slumping process and many others. Students will have an opportunity to make a fused piece that will be slumped at a later date by the instructor. Students will be encouraged to create their own slumping schedules based on their fused piece and type of slump desired. Slumping schedules for drop rings, floral formers, ceramic and stainless steel molds will be covered. This is a great opportunity to try a new mold and slumping technique. Students will have access to a variety of different slumping molds for use in class.

Safety: Please do not wear sandals if cutting or handling glass. Safety glasses must be worn during class, provided if needed.

Tools & Materials Included: An outline and printed fusing schedules will be provided. Use of our grinders, saws and slumping molds.

Additional Tools & Materials: Students should bring glass for projects. Pen/paper for notes, glass cutting tools

See the cancellation policy.

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  •   fusing 203
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Pros : great information& loved the class size
Cons :
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Learned a lot
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Pros : Created a bowl for Mother's Day. Learned the impact of different firing schedules on slumping. Learned what to look for in a slumping mold. Really great class! Learned a lot. Opportunity to try different tools. Class is small enough for personalized instruction, such as using a circle cutter.
Cons : None.
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