Impressionistic Realism: Portraiture and Still Life in Mosaic with Carol Shelkin Class Details

Impressionistic Realism: Portraiture and Still Life in Mosaic with Carol Shelkin

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With:  Carol Shelkin

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Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Join mosaic artist Carol Shelkin for this two-day stained glass mosaic class.

This workshop encourages students to experience and use stained glass in my unique, painterly fashion and understanding impressionistic – realism style in mosaic art. We will be working with your choice of photographic models for portraiture for more advanced students and other photographic model inspirations for beginners. Photo inspirations will be provided. 

Students will be introduced to the tones, gradations, many colors, and values of stained glass. We will learn how to nip stained glass using wheeled nippers, cut and learn how to “paint with glass” creating a impressionistic /realistic mosaic still life or portrait for interior display. In this workshop, students use traditional and non-traditional mosaic andamento of their choosing and fine art techniques that will be taught to understand structure, planes in art, value, and types of shadows. There will be lessons on shading, color, and understanding how to apply these techniques to any mosaic style. Mosaic is unique to all students and my goal is to help each student develop and find their own style. There will be professional artist tricks taught. Please bring questions! Photographic models will be provided. Other subjects will include composition, presenting artwork to gallery owners, exhibitions, building a resume, pricing, shipping, framing – or not framing, photographing your mosaic art, and much more. The lessons taught and instruction given will last the student long after the class is over. Remember, no question will be left unanswered.

All skill levels are welcomed.  All materials are included.  Bring your favorite mosaic tools or Delphi will provide the necessary tools for use during class.

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5 out of 5 stars
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Pros : Carol hosts a great class that provides valuable mosaic instruction and insight into strategy and technique. She also keeps the class fun and provides quality individual feedback and direction with optional approaches.
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