3-Day African Safari - Joy Munshower Class Details

3-Day African Safari - Joy Munshower

With:  Joy Munshower

Starts:        Ends: 

Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Flameworking guest artist Joy Munshower is back at Delphi to teach this extraordinary class.

Instructor: Joy Munshower

Approx. Material Cost: Included

Experience Required: Intermediate to advanced experience recommended.

Type of Class: Lecture, demonstration and hands-on

Description: Students will learn how to sculpt these safari animals from both photo reference and instructor drawn examples.  See how to break down the shapes of these animals and how to apply those shapes to sculpting in a bas-relief style on a base bead.  Learn how to apply a coat pattern and how to create realistic wrinkles, hair texture and life-like eyes.  Use specialty tools and scalpels to facilitate and ease sculpting in a low-relief style as well as in 3-D.  Some photo and diagram reference will be provided to the students to better illustrate shape, anatomy and composition breakdown.

Safety: Please do NOT wear open toed shoes or sandals, long pants are recommended but not mandatory. Natural fiber clothes are best, cotton, linen, etc. Long hair should be tied back. Safety glasses must be worn, glasses are provided in class if needed.

Tools & Materials Included: Use of torches and all materials included.

Additional Tools & Materials: Students should bring the tools they use regularly in their studios as well as their didymium glasses.

  • Category
  • Flameworking
  • Skill Level
  • Intermediate
  • Instructor
  • Joy Munshower
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  • Call: 800-248-2048 x3024