2-Day 3D Mosaic Vessels with Tom Snyder Class Details

2-Day 3D Mosaic Vessels with Tom Snyder

With:  Tom Snyder

Starts:        Ends: 

Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

3D MOSAIC VESSELS: Seamlessy wrapping patterns around curved surfaces

Approx. Material Cost: None

Experience Required: Some mosaic and glass cutting experience recommended but not required.

Type of Class: Demonstration, lecture, and hands-on projects

Class Description: Join mosaic artist Tom Snyder in this fun three-dimensional mosaic class.
Students will each create their own glass mosaic vessel (dimensions 11” to 16”).   Substrate will be a glass vessel (vase) with round curved surfaces.  Tom will demonstrate his home grown techniques for all aspects of the project – including substrate materials, techniques for cutting precise tiny glass tiles, adhesives (indoor and outdoor applications), grouting, etc.  In particular, Tom will demonstrate his unique tools, techniques and tips for wrappings his design patterns (swirl, diagonal basketweave, Nantucket basket weave) seamlessly around 3D curved surfaces.   

Safety: Safety glasses are required when cutting glass and other mosaic material; glasses will be provided in class.

Tools & Materials Included: All materials, including glass vessel provided.  Feel free to bring your own glass vase.

Additional Tools & Materials: Optional – Your own glass cutting/breaking tools, mosaic nippers and safety glasses.  Students are encouraged to come to the class with design and color ideas they would like to incorporate in their art project.  Students may bring their own selection of glass vase for their project subject to parameters of height between 11” and 16” and contain round and curved surfaces.

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  • Tom Snyder
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