Glassblowing - Heart Paperweight Class Details

Glassblowing - Heart Paperweight

One Day Only: 

Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Create your own unique glass heart in this traditional glass blowing class.  Students will learn the basics of glass furnace work while making their own heart shaped paperweight.  Students will be taught about safety, working with glass blowing equipment and tools, while working with Delphi's "Double Dragon" furnace.  Individuals will work with Delphi instructors and can participate as much as they feel comfortable.  Students will complete one heart during class.  The creation of the heart paperweight does not require blowing the glass.
Length of class is an appoximate and depends on the number of participants in class.  

Please do NOT wear open toed shoes or sandals.
Long pants are recommended but not mandatory.
Natural fiber clothes are best, cotton, linen, etc.
Long sleeved crew-neck style cotton shirts are recommended. 
Long hair should be tied back.
Safety glasses must be worn, glasses will be provided.

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