Step-Up Work Surface

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Tired of holding glass against the grinding bit with no support?
The "Step Up" raises the working surface to give you more control when using the Diamond Tech 1/4" Bit. Includes 2 sponges, "sponge backer", and instructions.

Fits Diamond Tech's Power Max II and Diamond Max Grinders.

Step-By-Step: Step-Up Work Surface Setup
Step 1a
Step 1b
1. Loosen your existing grinder bit and push the bit down past the grinder shank. Retighten bit.
Step 2a
Step 2b
2. Stack new 1/4” Cap Bit over top of original bit. Tighten new bit.
Step 3a
3. Place Step-Up Work Surface over the stacked bits.
Step 4a
Step 4b
4. Insert wet sponge into water tray making sure the sponge touches the grinder bit surface. Fill reservoir with water.

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4 out of 5 stars
  •   Step up work surface
By on
Pros : This is one item that should come with the grinder. It makes using a 1/4" or 1/8" bit as easy as the bigger bits.
Cons : The water delivery system doesn't work. I found that I had to hold a extra sponge, like the one that comes with the grinder, against the bit when grinding. I would periodically dip the sponge in a bowl of water that I keep next to the grinder. DO NOT use a regular sponge this way. The bit grabs the sponge which can launch the glass you are grinding.
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3 out of 5 stars
  •   Great help
By on
Pros : Step-up worksurface is a great help in grinding with a 1/4" bit. I can hold pieces steady, and do an exact grind on small, deep inside curves.
Cons : I've had trouble keeping the bit wet unless I hang a drip bottle with the hose aimed at the bit.
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