DichroMagic Tie Dye Combo Pack On Thin Clear - 96 COE

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Product Description

Get Far Out Designs With DichroMagic Sample Packs
Combination packs make it possible to try all four colorful tie dye patterns. The unique color coatings create amazing effects when viewed in different lighting, from different angles, or when layered. Colors shift and sparkle with metallic brilliance. During firing, a crazing effect appears, creating a subtle crinkle appearance in the color coating. Includes three 2" x 4" pieces of each of 4 patterns, 2 pieces with Rainbow coating and 1 with Premium Rainbow coating, for a total of 12 pieces. 96 COE.

There are no extra boxing charges for glass packs. Photo is one example. Actual glass may vary from photo.

Below is a sample of the crazing effect described above. The pendant shown below by artist Melanie Churchill uses several colors of DichroMagic for a bold design.

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