Glassline Basic Chalk Assortment

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Product Features

  • Add a splash of color to your etched or sandblasted art
  • Layer colors to create depth and shading
  • Compatible with 90 COE, 96 COE and Float Glass

Product Description

Easily Add Intricate Designs to Glass
Glassline chalks may be used to draw on etched and sandblasted glass surfaces for a dimensional look. Layer different Glassline chalks for a blend of colors. Colors blend well and can easily be used to attain a shaded look. Try combining Glassline pens and chalks in one piece -- a charcoal-like drawing may be done with the chalks and then outlined or accented with the pen. Chalks are compatible with 90 COE, System 96 glass and float glass and must be fired to cure. All chalks are lead free and food safe. Assortment contains 14 colors, each 3/8" round by 3" long.

Colors Include:  
 White  Black
 Grey  Dark Blue
 Turquoise  Light Green
 Dark Green  Yellow
 Orange  Red Orange
 Pink  Brown
 Crimson  Purple

Glassline Tip:
Best fired to 1500 F, but may be fired lower or higher depending upon your desired results. For more tips and instructions, click "View User Manual".

Projects below combine Glassline chalks and pens. Vase project on Glassline Fusible Paper by artist Kim Lyle.

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2 out of 5 stars
  •   Info about use it is not the best
By on
Pros : they should look beautiful
Cons : they don't bring a clear information about its use.
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3 out of 5 stars
  •   Substitute for Powders
By on
Pros : These work well for coloring shelf paper as an inclusion and, when crushed to a powder and mixed with water and a binder, as a watercolor-like paint. You can also just sift the powder onto the glass, then fire.
Cons : As crayons, these are pretty worthless. These do not transfer color evenly to either sand-blasted or acid-etched glass.
Other Thoughts : I hated these chalks at first. They wouldn't apply evenly on either sand-blasted or acid-etched glass. There were large spaces with no color and clumps of powder. Then I decided to try some other way to use them since I'd invested the money and they were useless as chalks. I took my nugmeg microplane grater and shaved off a small amount of the crayon (using a dust mask). I mixed this with water and various mixing media, then fired to a tack fuse. The result was a beautiful translucent wash of color. I found flat 7-Up worked best as a binder. When uncapped, the surface was matte. You can also cap it with another piece of glass. You get a nice amount of powder from just an 1/8" of chalk, so now I'm happy with my purchase.
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