Free Christmas Village Project Guide

Product Features

  • Create holiday magic by making your own Glass Christmas Village
  • Base your village on an actual town or just use your imagination
  • This guide has all of the tips and tricks you will need to make an amazing Christmas Village

Create Your Own Glass Christmas Village

Your own Glass Christmas Village can be made using the Exclusive Delphi Studio Christmas Village Molds. Mix and match building designs, repeating some with different color options and embellishments. Line up the finished buildings and add festive touches with accessories from your local craft store. From holiday lights and snow to streetlamps, dollhouse scale items add the perfect finishing touch. Set the village against a backdrop of stacked glass trees, instructions included in the project guide, and you will have a holiday centerpiece sure to bring years of enchantment and enjoyment.

Viewing this file requires the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe on your system, you may download Adobe Reader free from their website.

Glass Village created by Delphi Associates: Dane Porter, Val Oswalt De-Waard, Lexan Cranfill, Lisa Parks, Katie Parks, Roy Kapp

Special thanks for additional support: Kayleigh Clark, Lexan Cranfill, Melanie Churchill, Kayla Drake, Chandra Rusk, Michelle Placer, Christopher Swere

Stacked Tree Concept: Kim Heenan