Free Patchwork Border Engraved Bevel Project Guide

  • Feature a special sentiment with an engraved bevel
  • Design a fun border using scrap glass
  • Simple shapes are quick and easy to cut
  • Dress it up with custom collage art elements, bevels and more
  • Scroll hanging hooks add a fancy finishing touch

Are you looking for the perfect glass art gift to give? Create a custom panel featuring an engraved bevel, collage art elements and a patchwork border. It's a fantastic way to make something special quickly and on-budget.

Finished panel shown by artist Karina Brown.
Materials and Tools:
  • Engraved bevel
  • Stained glass sheets or scraps
  • Basic stained glass tools and supplies
  • Optional micro thin clear glass and square bevels
  • Square and straight edge
  • Homasote board with layout blocks and pins
cut glass
You can use our pattern or create your own - it's easy!

If you know how big you want the panel to be:
  • Determine the finished size you would like the panel to be. Using a ruler and square, draw the border on a piece of pattern paper.
  • If you would like to center the engraved bevel, draw faint lines diagonally, connecting the top left corner to the bottom right, and the bottom left to the top right. The point at which these lines cross is the center. You can then use your square to draw horizontal and vertical center-point guidelines. Measure your bevel carefully and divide by 2. This measurement is how far you measure from the center line of the panel to position the bevel in the middle.
  • Position and trace the engraved bevel.
  • Design the border to fit around the bevel.
    Note: Design for strength, avoid creating hinge points.

If you want the border to be a specific width:
  • Position the engraved bevel near the center of your pattern paper and trace around it.
  • Use your glass square to extend the lines from the bevel sides and lightly lightly draw guidelines.
  • On the faint guidelines, measure the width of the border you wish to create away from the bevel and make a point. Repeat this along each guideline. Use your square aligned with the guidelines to connect the dots and form the perimeter line of your pattern.
  • Fill in pattern lines to divide your border.
    Note: Design for strength, avoid creating hinge points.
find center
plan pattern
plan hangers
Ideas and design considerations:
  • When designing the border, it is important to consider how pieces align. Vary the position of break lines to create a strong panel. DO NOT create straight break lines (sometimes referred to as a hinge-point) horizontally from edge to edge in your pattern.
  • Decide now if you plan to apply a came border, and where you would like to apply hangers. Design the panel so hangers can be securely installed.
  • Consider using bevels to accent and add sparkle to your border.
  • Customize the panel with collage art elements. This is a fun way to add dates, monograms and more for a special panel.
  • Use a single color of glass, or patchwork together a variety of colors and textures - you can even use scrap glass.
design collage
press collage
  • Flip the panel and solder the back side.
  • Cut and position your came border. Flux and solder the corners together, then apply flux at each point a pattern line touches the came. Solder each point on the front and back of the project, taking care to connect neatly to the existing solder line.
  • Apply hangers at the outer corners, or position hangers to align with vertical pattern lines in the top border of your project where hangers can be well-secured.
  • Clean the panel using flux remover.
    Delphi Tip: If you included collage art elements, use Kwik Clean or a similar flux neutralizer that eliminates the need to submerge your panel during cleaning.
pin in place