Van Gogh Textures Sampler Glass Pack

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  • Includes a variety of colors and texture perfect for stained glass and mosaic project
  • Backing does not chip off when cutting or nipping
  • Pack contains eight pieces of glass measuring 6" x 6" each

Product Description

Create with this stunningly different glass! Van Gogh features a smooth front surface and a gently textured reverse side that is coated with gorgeous color and sparkle. The durable coating will not chip when cutting and provides excellent opacity for making mosaics, stained glass boxes and more. All Van Gogh glass is handmade, which means actual glass may vary slightly from photo. Eight piece assortment of colors and textures, 6" square each.

Technical Information: Van Gogh glass is for use in stained glass and mosaics. Not recommended for backlit projects such as lamps and windows. Glass is not for use in kilns because it is both painted and silvered. Do not submerge or use harsh cleaners as it will damage the colored coating. Be mindful while grinding as a coarse bit may chip the backing. For best results use a fine grit grinder bit and gentle pressure. Mirror sealant can be applied to help protect the coating.

Second image shows glass as 2-1/2" square to better show detail.

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