Youghiogheny True Dichro And Granite Sample Set

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Item# Y6145
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Product Features

  • Premium handmade glass adds depth to your art
  • Each piece of glass is unique
  • Good for stained glass and mosaic projects
  • 31 pieces, 3" x 4" each

Product Description

The sample set is the perfect way to plan your projects, containing large 3" x 4" samples. 23 True Dichro and 8 Granite colors, so color selection is a sure thing. Each piece is labeled for easy identification.

Youghiogheny True Dichro Glass features luscious color that changes hue, vibrancy, and opacity depending on surrounding light. There is no color coating, meaning that there's no definite "front" or "back", giving you limitless ways to use each stunning style for incredible effects in your art.

Multi-color glass features a granite texture. This texture adds depth, complexity, and sparkle. Its typically consistent thickness makes it popular with all skill levels.