English Muffle Dusky Rose

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Product Features

  • English Muffle glass is great for restoration work
  • "Hammered" texture provides privacy without blocking light
  • Fantastic for backgrounds, traditional designs and more
  • Consistent pattern and texture

Product Description

Originally popular in Victorian windows, English Muffle glass is now being reintroduced in both restoration and new work. This glass is known for its traditional muted colors, highly refractive texture and crystalline quality. The multidirectional texture allows minimum waste. Wissmach glass often has rounded corners as shown in additional images. Glass pieces may include factory rolled edges.

Main image shows glass backlit on the True Colors Light Box (#7373). Second image shows the same sheet of glass without light transmission.

First project from English Muffle Book of Designs by Peter Foster. Second project by artist Cheryl Oakley, from Delphi's Artist Gallery. Third project by artist Fay Wolfenden, from Delphi's Artist Gallery. Fourth project by artist Nancy Wiswell, from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.