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Oceanside Gradient Glass Packs #Reel

Oceanside Gradient Glass Packs #Reel Looking for a quick way to stock up your studio? Gradient packs are perfect to add your favorite hues to your glass collection. Each pack contains 6 pieces each 6 square. Ideal for doing stained glass, fusing or mosaics. #DelphiExclusive #GlassPacks #Fusing #StainedGlass #Mosaic #Gradient #BeCreative

Michelle Rodriquez: A Cowgirl and Her Kiln

Michelle Rodriquez: A Cowgirl and Her Kiln How did you get started in glass? My husband Rich and his father used to have a custom stained glass window door company in Santa Clara, CA, so one day he offered to teach me stained glass. You also do beautiful beadwork, which came first, beading or warm glass? The beading came first and then my husband signed us up for a fused glass lesson at Ocean Sky Beads Glass in Oceanside, CA. I was so taken by it, that I asked him for a kiln for Christmas. Who or what inspires you? Discovering or making up new techniques inspire me the most, but I am also inspired by horses, animals and the sea. You seem to be inspired by Southwestern culture and style, tell us more about that. I grew up in Imperial Beach, CA, which is a border town to Mexico. I used to body surf at the

Wispy Bevel Cluster Comes To Life #Reel

Wispy Bevel Cluster Comes To Life #Reel Watch this bevel cluster come to life. Created With ??Wispy Bevel Cluster #13065 - Only While Supplies Last ??Oceanside Teal Green Transparent Waterglass #X5232W ??Oceanside Clear Iridized Granite #XI100G #ProductToProject #CustomPanel #StainedGlass #AnnualBevelSale #Bevels #StainedGlass #GlassArtists #DailyInspiration #BeCreative