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Visual Glossary of Glass Terms #Reel

Visual Glossary of Glass Terms #Reel There are so many types of glass and words that describe them. Not sure what they all mean? Were going to break it down with our visual glossary of glass terms. Glossary of Glass Terms Architectural Glass Produced in large sheets and characterized by consistent color (often clear) and texture, architectural glass is ideal for large installations. Art Glass Created by hand ladling and mixing molten glass, each piece is unique and may vary considerably throughout a sheet, and from one sheet to the next. Aventurine Metallic looking chips of mica create a sparkling, glittery looking glass. Cathedral/Transparent The terms cathedral and transparent are used interchangeably. Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, it is glass that you can see through and allows complete light transmission. Double Rolled A smooth glass with very little texture, double rolled glass is created by using a double set of rollers during production. Fracture-Streamers Paper-thin shards and curving glass threads on clear or white background. Chopstix Made of random pieces of straight stringers that are scattered over a clear background creating a bold, graphical glass. Glue Chip A cathedral glass with a surface pattern created by glue that is applied to the

Delphi Releases New T-Shirt

Delphi Releases New T-Shirt Delphi is proud to introduce its 2012 Born to Do Glass T-Shirt. With its detailed black, white and red design, the shirt embodies a cool, biker vibe. It features a seamless double-needle top stitched collar with taped neck and shoulders and a double needle sleeve and hem. Made from 100 percent cotton, this durable and comfortable t-shirt is long lasting and offers a flattering unisex fit. It comes in black and is offered in every size from Small to 2X-Large (and its only $11.95. )

How to Use Frit to Decorate a Glass Bead | Delphi Glass

How to Use Frit to Decorate a Glass Bead | Delphi Glass Delphi instructor Val Oswalt - De Waard demonstrates how to use frit in a bead project. In this video, she is using a Double Helix frit.The incredible color combinations in Double Helix glass have the ability to strike in the reducing flame, giving the look of Boro but in 104 COE. http //

Beginner's Notes: Achieve a Stained Glass Look in Fusing

Beginner's Notes: Achieve a Stained Glass Look in Fusing I saw a free stained glass pattern in the Delphi newsletter that I just loved. I knew if I made it into a stained glass panel, I wouldnt be able to eat off of it. So I set out to create a fused glass platter instead. My husband and I decided to cut all the pattern pieces by hand (thinking about it later, I would have used my Delphi Taurus 3 glass saw). We sandwiched all the fusible pieces between two sheets of transparent 96 COE glass. In the end, I didnt have the heart to slump it into its mold. I made a channel on each side with fiber paper foam and transparent glass, to hang it with.(I have learned to double the channels for the wire loop.) There were some bubbles due to our handcutting and gaps, so the second fusing got rid of some of those. During

6 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table with Glass

6 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table with Glass Show off your art glass creations. Here are 6 easy and inexpensive ways to incorporate art glass into your Thanksgiving dinner table dcor. 1. Glass bottles are easy and inexpensive to use. Cut the bottoms of glass bottles of varying heights. Place over votive candles, and decorate with etching, twine, ribbon and other found objects. Download instructions on how to make the centerpiece pictured top right. I also love these amber-colored bottle hurricanes I found onEtsy (at right). They provide just the right amount of romantic ambiance for the dinner table. 2. Decorate pillar candles with glass frit for extra sparkle. In browing for Thanksgiving inspiration online, I ran across this great idea by HGTV to roll pillar candles in lentils for a unique table decoration. Then I thought, why not roll them in glass frit. The frit

How to: Fake a Kiln Rake

How to: Fake a Kiln Rake I know Ill never get up the nerve to open my kiln to rake. Instead, I was wondering, can I fake...I mean, rake it? I was recently in Monterey, CA visiting a shop on Cannery Row, where glass artist David Alcala is usually busy at work. The day I visited, he was out (at the Glass Art Bead Expo) promoting his new book and Flexi-Glass. His lovely wife was holding down the fort and I marveled at his landscapes made with fine glass frit. I knew I had a lot of Uroboros frit and powder at home, and it inspired me to try and fake a kiln rake with frit. I laid out a sheet of newspaper, and donned my goggles and face mask. I cut out a 10-inch transparent glass circle, so I would have a double-sided plate. Next, I sprinkled a bunch of purple powder, then white, and

Late Summer and Fall 2015 Guest Instructors

Late Summer and Fall 2015 Guest Instructors Late Summer and Fall 2015 provides an opportunity to expand your artistic horizons. Delphis Creativity Center in Lansing, MI presents new techniques introduced by Guest Instructors on the cutting edge of art glass innovation. This season renowned glass artists Wesley Wong, Margaret Zinser and Tim Drier impart their innovative new ideas and techniques to student glassworkers at Delphi. Get to know each artist and their work, then see which class is right for you. Class sizes are limited so register now to ensure your opportunity to work with these amazing artists. Wesley Wong Wesley Wong is an award-winning artist who designs and produces custom glass art from his studio in San Jose, California. His passion for glass started in 1981 with stained glass, which eventually lead him into mosaics and fused glass. His work features lots of bright colors and intricate patterns and has been exhibited in many juried