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Fused Glass Frit Art Contest

Fused Glass Frit Art Contest Contest Details Submit any project done in art glass using frit. This is an online contest open to everyone. All skill levels, from beginning crafters to studio artists, are encouraged to participate. Entry must indicate which COE was used to create the piece, 90 or 96. Submission Period September 19, 2012 - October 7, 2012 (11 59 pm EST) Voting Period October 8, 2012 - October 14, 2012 (11 59 pm EST) Winners Announced October 15, 2012 Prizes There will be two prizes given based on the entry with the most votes within each COE, 90 96 as follows 90 COE Prize- 12 medium 5 oz jars of frit in various colors and transparencies and a Bullseye waist apron, a $100 Retail value.Donated by Bullseye Glass Co. 96 COE Prize- Frit Sampler mini kit and an Iridescent Variety Pack, a $100 Retail value.Donated by Uroboros Glass Studios, Inc. Get

Fusing Holiday Projects with Roy and Val #FacebookLive

Fusing Holiday Projects with Roy and Val #FacebookLive In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val will show you how to use pre-cuts, decals and scraps to create fun pieces to use in your own décor or to give as gifts. Perfect for a quick weekend project. Supplies we used today. Holiday Pre-Cuts and Decals https // 90 COE Dichroic Noodles https // https // 90 COE Dichroic Frit https // 96 COE Dichroic Noodles https // 96 COE Dichroic Frit https // Bails https // Glue https // Firing Schedules Tack/Contour Fuse Ramp Temperature Hold Segment 1 300°F/hr (149°C) 1000°F (538°C) 15 minutes Segment 2 300°F/hr 1370°F (743°C) 10 min Segment 3 9999 or Full 900° F (482°C)* 30 min * Annealing temperature for 90 COE glass is 900° F (482°C). Annealing temperature for 96 COE glass is 950° F (510°C). Fast Full Fuse - Snowflakes Ramp Temperature Hold Segment 1 9999 or Full 1500° F (815°C)* 20 min Segment 3 9999 or Full 0° F

Michael Dupille: Frit and Fabulous

Michael Dupille: Frit and Fabulous Something better than pumpkin spice is coming…Michael Dupille will soon be at Delphi’s Lansing location for a 3-day class on frit fusing. Micahel Dupille, making Seattle frit and fabulous since the 1970s, brings with him his expertise, charmingly referring to his technique of painting with glass from crushed glass bits or frit as we know them along with firing methods as fritography. Considered a pioneer in the field of kiln-formed glass, Michael’s sold out class will be held for those who seek to garner his wisdom at any level from beginner to pro. The 3-day event will begin with a class on Beginning Fritography. Those in attendance will get the special chance to learn and explore new techniques that will help them design on a completely new level and add more sophistication to their pieces. Michael will also show how to create distinct shapes, give surfaces unusual finishes, the proper

Sculptural Borosilicate Pumpkin with Val #FacebookLive

Sculptural Borosilicate Pumpkin with Val #FacebookLive In this Facebook Live video Val shares her process and demonstrates how to make a small sculptural pumpkin on the torch. Below are the list of supplies used and annealing schedule so you too can create your own. Supplies we used today. Tools https // Frit https // Annealing Firing Schedule 1050°F for 20 minutes and allow to cool until in the annealer until it reaches room temperature.

Studio News: Tips for Using Frit Molds

Studio News: Tips for Using Frit Molds Frit Molds are becoming increasingly more popular, especially with all the new styles of jewelry molds coming out. Getting a beautiful finished project can be tricky at times. Issue #1 Glass tends to stick; and create sharp daggers on the sides of the glass project. This can happen when the glass separator is getting thin or worn away. Boron Nitride MR-97 is the answer. It is a versatile product that can also be used on stainless steel molds as well. Think of it like teflon on your frying pan. It will not allow the glass to stick to the mold. Projects pop right out and are ready to wear. You do have to follow the instructions and reapply as directed. Watch a video on how to use Boron Nitride MR-97. However if you do get spurs on the sides of your project, simply use a wet hand sanding pad

How to Use the Delphi “Glass Finder” Tool

How to Use the Delphi “Glass Finder” Tool Delphi Glass was founded on the belief that making art glass projects should be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, from budding craftspeople to professional artists. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge about the crafts our customers enjoy. We also understand the need to find the right tools to complete your beautiful projects. Our aim is to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Our online tools do just that. Delphi Glass has over 2,000 styles of glass, so don't let finding the perfect piece discourage you. Allow our glass finder to help find just the right glass for your project. Our Glass Finder can be found by typing http // or scrolling to the bottom of our website at http // and clicking on Glass Finder. When to Use Our Glass Finder Is your go-to green out of stock? The glass finder can help you select something similar. Are you trying to find something gorgeous to coordinate with a stunning sheet youve already got? Narrow the search by color, by brand, by transparency and more to see the top picks. Weve all been there - you have the perfect pattern and a vision of

Winners Announced: Fused Glass Frit Art Contest

Winners Announced: Fused Glass Frit Art Contest Congratulations to our two winners of the Fused Glass Frit Art Contest. These two winners received the most votes in the categories of 90 COEand 96 COE and will receive the following prizes 90 COE Prize- 12 medium 5 oz jars of frit in various colors and transparencies and a Bullseye waist apron, a $100 Retail value.Donated by Bullseye Glass Co. 96 COE Prize- Frit Sampler mini kit and an Iridescent Variety Pack, a $100 Retail value. Donated by Uroboros Glass Studios, Inc. Check out a slideshow of the 100+ entries in this contest. Thank you to all who participated. 90 COEWinner Title Winter Artist Kelly Crosser 96 COEWinner Title Mesa Artist Shaboom Art Glass

Casting a Glass Monstera Leaf

Casting a Glass Monstera Leaf Learn how to cast a glass Monstera Leaf using Colour de Verres reusable casting molds. For more information, visit

Recycle Your Old Art Glass-Make Your Own Frit

Recycle Your Old Art Glass-Make Your Own Frit You can make frit from leftover glass pieces in a few different ways. First, if you have a torch, simply heat your piece of scrap in the flame until it gets red but not drippy. Then drop it into a bowl of water (wearing protective eyewear, of course) and watch as the glass breaks into tiny little pieces. You could also choose to use a Frit Piston. Place compatible glass scraps into the frit piston, insert the upper plunger into the tube and plunge. The nice thing about the piston is that it allows you to create frit in any size you want. Another, perhaps less refined, way to create frit is to wrap your glass in a towel, grab a hammer and have at it. (This works especially well if you’ve had a bad week at work. ) You can also try a good old-fashioned mortar and pestle. This

How to Cast Glass Jewelry Using Holey Molds | Delphi Glass

How to Cast Glass Jewelry Using Holey Molds | Delphi Glass Learn how to use Holey Molds for casting glass jewelry. Holey molds are great products for making glass pendants without the need for additional findings. This video describes preparing the molds, filling the molds, what to expect when working with frit, and firing schedules.

DIY To the Rescue: How to Make a Frit Piston

DIY To the Rescue: How to Make a Frit Piston As a self-described cheap glass artisan who lives in rural Maine,finding or making the tools I need myself (rather than buying them online and having them shipped) is a must. As a total beginner, I found that making frit with my scrap glass was actually messier and more dangerous than I had originally suspected. Hammering away on my back deck proved to be a situation which resulted in wasted scrap glass...and tons of cuts.I finally admitted finding a proper tool to make my own frit was a necessity (to my deck AND my hands) - but $50 (plus shipping) for a Frit Piston was just not in my budget. So I took an hour to roam the Home Depot (which, yes, even in rural Maine you will find one) for ideas on how to hack my own solution. What I came up with, after wandering the isles for an

2012 Fused Glass Frit Art Contest Slideshown | Delphi Glass

2012 Fused Glass Frit Art Contest Slideshown | Delphi Glass We had over 100 entries combined in the two categories of 90 and 96 COE. Wait until the end to see which piece won in each category. Thank you to all who participated. If you want to participate in future contest sign up for Delphis email Newsletters at http /P9DEtO

Household Items You Can Use As Tools

Household Items You Can Use As Tools From our Facebook fans, here are a few household items that can be used as tools in art glass creation. Some great ideas here. Hairspray for gluing (the non-aerosol kind, the cheaper, the better. ) Olive oil for your glass cutter The spoony straw from a slush puppie for pouring small amounts of frit Butter knives for bead making Chinese take out containers for storing smaller pieces of fusable glass. They are rectangular and stack well with a clear lid. Also, the soup containers to store frit (each size of frit in its own container stacked within the others of like color and only the top one needs a lid, and they are clear) Glass yogurt pots for storing frit and other bits Plastic containers that tubs of crystal light comes in for storing smaller pieces of glass. I also save the tubs for mixing glue/water, frit and water, paint,

How to Use Frit to Decorate a Glass Bead | Delphi Glass

How to Use Frit to Decorate a Glass Bead | Delphi Glass Delphi instructor Val Oswalt - De Waard demonstrates how to use frit in a bead project. In this video, she is using a Double Helix frit.The incredible color combinations in Double Helix glass have the ability to strike in the reducing flame, giving the look of Boro but in 104 COE. http //

How to: Fake a Kiln Rake

How to: Fake a Kiln Rake I know Ill never get up the nerve to open my kiln to rake. Instead, I was wondering, can I fake...I mean, rake it? I was recently in Monterey, CA visiting a shop on Cannery Row, where glass artist David Alcala is usually busy at work. The day I visited, he was out (at the Glass Art Bead Expo) promoting his new book and Flexi-Glass. His lovely wife was holding down the fort and I marveled at his landscapes made with fine glass frit. I knew I had a lot of Uroboros frit and powder at home, and it inspired me to try and fake a kiln rake with frit. I laid out a sheet of newspaper, and donned my goggles and face mask. I cut out a 10-inch transparent glass circle, so I would have a double-sided plate. Next, I sprinkled a bunch of purple powder, then white, and

How to Make Simple Round Beads

How to Make Simple Round Beads In this video from Colour de Verre, learn how easy it is to create beautiful simple round beads with the Colour de Verre Simple Round Bead mold, a can of MR-97 and your favorite color frit. Video demonstrates how to determine appropriate amount of frit for use in mold. Coldworking is almost never necessary with this method.

Friendship Bracelets using Fused Glass Nano Beads

Friendship Bracelets using Fused Glass Nano Beads Did you know that Friendship Day and Sister Day are both on the first Sunday in August? Want to do something special for a couple of those special friends or family members in your life. How about making a friendship bracelet that you and your friends will love and cherish for years to come? Each person will get the same or similar bracelet, signifying the unity of people represented. This special friendship bracelet uses fusible glass to create beautiful lifesaver candy beads from glass frit. Supplies youll need System96 Medium Frit - Clear, plus any other transparent or opaque colors you might like Nano Beads casting mold Heres how to make your bracelets 1. Select a colored frit to represent each friend or family member(dont forget yourself) - the number of colors represents how many lifesaver beads youll make per color. For example, 5 people = 5colors of frit,

How to Fuse with Liquid Stringer | Delphi Glass

How to Fuse with Liquid Stringer | Delphi Glass By mixing Liquid Stringer with frit you can draw directly onto your glass. Fuse in your kiln for a permeate one-of-a-kind art. Julie, todays Delphi Artist and instructor, shows you how to use Liquid Stringer to create unique designs. http /orWhhz offers tools and supplies for glass fusing and other glass crafts, as well as classes and expert advice. To see the product featured in this video, please click on the following link http //

Household Items as Tools-Part II

Household Items as Tools-Part II Last year, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us how they use regular household items as tools in glass art creation. We got a fantastic list of ideas. When we asked again this year, we got a few more great tips to share. Heres the list, Part II. Thanks everyone. Folgers coffee buckets for scrap glass A cut-up cardboard box instead of a grinder shield The plastic tops of milk containers for holding flux while working Spoons for frit to roll beads in; baby spoons to hold small amounts of frit Silverware basket from dishwasher to hold tools Canning jars to hold frit Wooden toothpicks for mandrels Stainless steel bowls and containers for slumping Page protectors to keep patterns dry while grinding Cut an apron out of old plastic tablecloth to use while grinding. Use a kitchen apron as a pattern - no sewing involved. Read Household Items You

Stained Glass News Feb. 2013 Edition- See What's New

Stained Glass News Feb. 2013 Edition- See What's New Heres our list of 5 Favorite New Items from the February 2013 edition of Stained Glass News. 1. Snowflake Casting Molds from Colour de Verre With the new premium mold from Colour de Verre you can make incredibly detailed, beautiful snowflakes. There are so many ways you can use these snowflakes. Hang them on their own (they are light) or incorporate them into projects. Were excited about how creative you can get making the snowflakes depending on the size of frit and firing temperature. LOVE them with dichroic. Check out the mold and free project sheets posted on our website. You wont believe the gallery quality of the pieces you can create. 2. Barefoot Tools are Back and Better Than Ever. Powder Vibe Electric Mandrel Spinner The Bearfoot Tools line has some of our customers favorite tool; and

6 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table with Glass

6 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table with Glass Show off your art glass creations. Here are 6 easy and inexpensive ways to incorporate art glass into your Thanksgiving dinner table dcor. 1. Glass bottles are easy and inexpensive to use. Cut the bottoms of glass bottles of varying heights. Place over votive candles, and decorate with etching, twine, ribbon and other found objects. Download instructions on how to make the centerpiece pictured top right. I also love these amber-colored bottle hurricanes I found onEtsy (at right). They provide just the right amount of romantic ambiance for the dinner table. 2. Decorate pillar candles with glass frit for extra sparkle. In browing for Thanksgiving inspiration online, I ran across this great idea by HGTV to roll pillar candles in lentils for a unique table decoration. Then I thought, why not roll them in glass frit. The frit

D&L Art Glass to Host David Alcala

D&L Art Glass to Host David Alcala D & L Art Glass in St. Augustine, FL, will be hosting renowned glass artist David Alcala in its studio on October 6 and 7, 2012. David will be sharing his innovative techniques of working with frit in the vertical along with his revolutionary new product Flexi-Glass. Join D L for Davids Sand To Glass Tour 2012 and walk away with a new sense of creativity and inspiration.

How to Make Your Own Blown Glass Ornaments

How to Make Your Own Blown Glass Ornaments GLASKOLBEN cylinders are pre-blown clear glass cylinders with blow pipe ends, used for blowing glass balls. Glaskolben cylinders are used throughout Europe for making Christmas tree ornaments. Glaskolben is a German word that translates to glass bulb. WATCHAVIDEOONBLOWINGGLASKOLBENORNAMENTS. SUPPLIES/EQUIPMENT Torch head for Mapp Gas use Gas/oxygen torch Glaskolben™ cylinder 90 COE frits and powders for decoration Ornament cap and loop set (available in gold or silver) COMPATIBILITY Glaskolben is compatible with Uroboros and Bullseye 90 COE glass frit and powders. Do not use any other COE as it may cause stress or fracture. HOWTOBLOWANORNAMENT 1. Light the torch and adjust the flame - a broader flame is better. Select a Sealed End Cylinder Glaskolben™ and introduce it into the back of the flame away from the torch. Rotate it as it is brought into the hotter area of the flame. Continue to rotate until the cylinder is glowing

7 Holiday Projects Under 3 Hours Each

7 Holiday Projects Under 3 Hours Each If youre looking to share some homemade love this holiday season, but dont have a lot of time, consider making one of these easy art glass projects. They take fewer than 3 hours to complete, and you can download the project guides for free. Purse Hangers Wine Bottle Stoppers Gingerbread Cottage Night Light Opaline Striker Frit Balls Bowl Fused Game Set Box Monogrammed Mens Accessory Set Keepsake Necklaces Which project is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below, and well pick one person to receive a free purse hanger on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Gingerbread cottage night light made by artist Julie Haan.

Meet Michael Dupille- Glass Artist and Guest Instructor

Meet Michael Dupille- Glass Artist and Guest Instructor Delphi Glass is pleased to welcome guest instructor Michael Dupille. Michael will be teaching two classes this May and June at the Delphi Creativity Center in Lansing, MI. Get to know this innovative glass artist and be inspired by his techniques. See a collection of his works on our Pinterest board. Michael is considered a pioneer in the field of kiln formed glass and has created many of the working processes and techniques which are considered standard in the warm glass industry today. Artist Bio A Seattle resident, he has worked in art his entire career as both creator and educator. Experienced in a variety of media including animation, illustration, print and textile design, he continues to challenge himself through invention and innovation. Michael was part of the glass blowing program at Central Washington University in the early 70s. Since the late 1980s he has worked extensively with glass, having

How to: Create Faux Opals with Glass

How to: Create Faux Opals with Glass Before I was fortunate enough to own a kiln, I used to experiment with all kinds of polymer clay using recipes for faux gemstones. It was fun and inexpensive. While giving a fused glass lesson the other day, I said, Hey, lets try to make some faux opals. So, we crushed up some green and orange, clear backed dichroic glass (from the Uroboros Magic Box), and mixed in a tiny bit of crushed opaque white glass. We cut two transparent ovals, covered them with Bullseye Glastac Firing Glue, and sprinkled on the frit. We added another layer of glue and piled up some more frit. The beauty of this glue is that you can use as much as you want. I love it for holding the frit on the edges of bowls and glass. The fired pieces looked like opal cabochons. To make the cabochons more opaque, I used my

Exciting New Products from Uroboros

Exciting New Products from Uroboros We are thrilled to share with you the Winter 2012 new products from Uroboros Glass. Each of these new products is based on Uroboros unique manufacturing strengths, while adding depth to their most popular product groups. Streamer Bits Glass (all offered in 90 and 96 COE) White Streamer Bits on Clear Cobalt Blue Streamer Bits on Clear Red Opal Streamer Bits on Clear Noodles and Stringers Sprinkles (offered in 90 and 96 COE) Glass Noodle Bits, Mardi Gras (offered in 90 and 96 COE) Noodles and Stringer, Mardi Gras (offered in 90 and 96 COE) Cobalt Blue Opal (offered in 90 COE) Pastel Green Opal Noodles (offered in 96 COE) Pastel Green Opal Stringer (offered in 96 COE) Frit Celadon Opal is now available in all grain and package sizes (offered in 96 COE) View these and other NEW fusible glass products here.

Stained Glass News September 2013 Edition

Stained Glass News September 2013 Edition Heres our list of 5 Favorite New Items from the September 2013 edition of Stained Glass News As always we look forward to receiving our quarterly issue of Stained Glass News. It is always packed with inspiration and highlights of the newest items available for art glass creations. Let us walk you through these exciting new items and see how they can add new dimension and style to your work today. 1. Dichroic Extract Its like glitter, all grown up. Add dichroic to your projects in ways youve previously only dreamed of with this fantastic new product. Its all the dazzle of dichroic, without a backing to limit your applications. With no COE, you can paint it on, sprinkle it, even pick it up in flameworked and blown glass projects. Dichroic Extract is available in all your favorite colors, plus fun sample sets to get started. 2. Fuseworks Gift

What Are Your Favorite Tools?

What Are Your Favorite Tools? No matter what you’re into – mosaics, stained glass, glass fusing, or glass jewelry – Delphi always has the tools you need to be creative. Without your tools, it would be impossible to bring to life all the incredible ideas that you dream up. As our 26th Annual Art Glass Festival quickly approaches, we know our glass artists are busy fusing, firing, and cutting to create their best pieces ever by using their favorite tools. So what are your favorite tools? Let’s explore some of our most popular tools. Toyo Dry Wheel Supercutter Everyone loves this oil-free cutter because it’s easy to use and makes great cuts without all the clean-up. Plus, it’s very durable and the cutter head is replaceable, making this tool a prime choice for glass artists. Creators Premium Bottle Cutter Glass artists that love to upcycle love this tool that makes cutting bottles

Come See Delphi Glass at the 2017 Glass Craft & Bead Expo!

Come See Delphi Glass at the 2017 Glass Craft & Bead Expo! It’s time for America’s largest glass and bead expo once again. The 2017 Glass Craft & Bead Expo will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can join in on classes there from Wednesday, March 29th through Sunday, April 2nd. Exhibits are available for viewing from Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd. Delphi Glass is excited to be an exhibitor at this incredible event. It’s a great opportunity for all glass artists to explore the latest innovations in products and services for glass art from kilns to tools to glass types and colors. People travel from all over the world to attend this famous expo where they can view the exhibits and take exciting classes that include things like painting with frit, frit slurry flowers, advanced fused bowls & techniques, and many more. In total, there are over 250 classes you

Working With Your Hands Causes Happy Brain Chemicals

Working With Your Hands Causes Happy Brain Chemicals Feel better when youre knee-deep in frit? You probably do, and now we know why. Ladies Home Journal recently published a great article entitled, Want to be Happier? Try Making Your Life a Little Harder. Author Catherine Newman cites the work of neuroscientist Kelly Lambert, Ph.D. who says, When you do meaningful work with your hands, a kind of neurochemical feedback floods your brain with dopamine and seratonin. These happy brain chemicals are natural antidepressents, and weve evolved to release them both to reward ourselves for working with our hands and to motivate ourselves to do it some more. Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski agrees saying, We are programmed to reward ourselves when we accomplish things with our hands. The author goes on to say that creating things by hand has been proven to decrease stress levels, provide a greater sense of control and allow you to save money. Anyone whos

A Plate for Passover

A Plate for Passover As you know, many of the associates at Delphi are also talented glass artists. I recently caught up with Delphis Internet Marketing Specialist, Stacy Daniels, who told me about a special plate shes making for her brother and his fiance. She is celebrating passover with the couple - it will be their first Passover together. Passover is the Jewish holiday celebrating freedom from bondage under the Egyptian Pharaoh. It is celebrated with family dinners called seders. Passover this year is April 6-14. Stacy is creating a special seder plate for her brother and future sister-in-law, one she hopes they will use for years to come. You can create a sedar dinner plate like Stacys using System 96 OpalArt, fusing mold #92308, frit for decoration and Gold Firing Pen item#5175G for embellishment. See Seder Plate Molds and Judaica Fusing Supplies at Delphi. Also, see what some of our customers have

13 Tips for a Tidy Craft Space

13 Tips for a Tidy Craft Space We scoured the web, asked our Delphi artists, questioned our fans on Facebook, and finally came up with 13 easy-to-implement tips for keeping things clutter-free. Feel free to share your own in our comments section below. 1. Choose an area with good lighting. If you have a window, keep the area clear, so light can flow in nicely. 2. Partition off the craft area (contain the craft creep) with a screen or furniture. 3. If you havent used something in 2 years, consider donating it to a school or senior center, selling to a buy-back program or tossing it. 4. Label everything. 5. Consider what tools and supplies you need the most. These should be easily accessible. Store the rest in clear bins. 6. If your space is limited, go vertical. Install a slat wall for easy shelving. From our Facebook fans 7. Scrapbooking paper shelves are also great for

Michelle Rodriquez: A Cowgirl and Her Kiln

Michelle Rodriquez: A Cowgirl and Her Kiln How did you get started in glass? My husband Rich and his father used to have a custom stained glass window door company in Santa Clara, CA, so one day he offered to teach me stained glass. You also do beautiful beadwork, which came first, beading or warm glass? The beading came first and then my husband signed us up for a fused glass lesson at Ocean Sky Beads Glass in Oceanside, CA. I was so taken by it, that I asked him for a kiln for Christmas. Who or what inspires you? Discovering or making up new techniques inspire me the most, but I am also inspired by horses, animals and the sea. You seem to be inspired by Southwestern culture and style, tell us more about that. I grew up in Imperial Beach, CA, which is a border town to Mexico. I used to body surf at the