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Fusing Holiday Projects with Roy and Val #FacebookLive

Fusing Holiday Projects with Roy and Val #FacebookLive In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val will show you how to use pre-cuts, decals and scraps to create fun pieces to use in your own décor or to give as gifts. Perfect for a quick weekend project. Supplies we used today. Holiday Pre-Cuts and Decals https // 90 COE Dichroic Noodles https // https // 90 COE Dichroic Frit https // 96 COE Dichroic Noodles https // 96 COE Dichroic Frit https // Bails https // Glue https // Firing Schedules Tack/Contour Fuse Ramp Temperature Hold Segment 1 300°F/hr (149°C) 1000°F (538°C) 15 minutes Segment 2 300°F/hr 1370°F (743°C) 10 min Segment 3 9999 or Full 900° F (482°C)* 30 min * Annealing temperature for 90 COE glass is 900° F (482°C). Annealing temperature for 96 COE glass is 950° F (510°C). Fast Full Fuse - Snowflakes Ramp Temperature Hold Segment 1 9999 or Full 1500° F (815°C)* 20 min Segment 3 9999 or Full 0° F

Let it Snow!

Let it Snow! Nothing says classic winter beauty like the wonder of snowflakes. First captured on film by Wilson Bentley in 1885, these hexagonal crystalline forms fall by the millions every winter covering the landscape in delicate white blankets of snow. Just like us, every snowflake that falls to earth is a one-of-a-kind form. This unique beauty has inspired art and artists for decades. Although it seems a bit odd that you would be capturing ice with fire, snowflakes make excellent glass projects. Capturing them in a medium such as glass allows you to enjoy their beauty without ever having to worry about finding your mittens, Kevlar gloves maybe, but no mittens. As a child, one of my favorite winter pastimes was cutting paper snowflakes. Just like the real thing, each snowflake I made was different and as an adult, I still enjoy this craft as much as I did when I was

Stained Glass News Feb. 2013 Edition- See What's New

Stained Glass News Feb. 2013 Edition- See What's New Heres our list of 5 Favorite New Items from the February 2013 edition of Stained Glass News. 1. Snowflake Casting Molds from Colour de Verre With the new premium mold from Colour de Verre you can make incredibly detailed, beautiful snowflakes. There are so many ways you can use these snowflakes. Hang them on their own (they are light) or incorporate them into projects. Were excited about how creative you can get making the snowflakes depending on the size of frit and firing temperature. LOVE them with dichroic. Check out the mold and free project sheets posted on our website. You wont believe the gallery quality of the pieces you can create. 2. Barefoot Tools are Back and Better Than Ever. Powder Vibe Electric Mandrel Spinner The Bearfoot Tools line has some of our customers favorite tool; and

Emily J Cole: A New Town, A New Passion

Emily J Cole: A New Town, A New Passion How did you get started in glass? I was lonely. I moved to Richmond, VA from Minneapolis, MN about six years ago, and didnt know a soul. I had a friend back in MN who worked with stained glass and it sounded fun and challenging. When I saw that Richmonds local Visual Arts Center offered evening stained glass classes, I decided to try it. Turns out, I love working with glass. (And I met some other great creative people too. ) Why glass? Prior to working with glass, I was (and still am) an admirer of all types of glass creations leaded, fused, blown, mosaics, etc. I never considered trying leaded glass myself until my friend told me about the process, and totally demystified it. And then I thought, I think I need to do this. I really enjoy the puzzle fitting the pieces together to create something beautiful is