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How to Use the Ephrem's Bottle Cutter

How to Use the Ephrem's Bottle Cutter Learn how to cut bottles in five steps. http /oV2Hjy.

What Are Your Favorite Tools?

What Are Your Favorite Tools? No matter what you’re into – mosaics, stained glass, glass fusing, or glass jewelry – Delphi always has the tools you need to be creative. Without your tools, it would be impossible to bring to life all the incredible ideas that you dream up. As our 26th Annual Art Glass Festival quickly approaches, we know our glass artists are busy fusing, firing, and cutting to create their best pieces ever by using their favorite tools. So what are your favorite tools? Let’s explore some of our most popular tools. Toyo Dry Wheel Supercutter Everyone loves this oil-free cutter because it’s easy to use and makes great cuts without all the clean-up. Plus, it’s very durable and the cutter head is replaceable, making this tool a prime choice for glass artists. Creators Premium Bottle Cutter Glass artists that love to upcycle love this tool that makes cutting bottles

The Dazzling History Behind Tiffany Lamps

The Dazzling History Behind Tiffany Lamps Tiffany lamps are a beautiful way to bring a classic touch to any room. They not only light up a room but they also serve as a work of art that can change any space from ordinary to extraordinary. Reflecting more than light, they shine with the expert craftsmanship from the artists who painstakingly hand make each one. In the 1890s, the first Tiffany lamp was created. It was named as such because it was supposed that Louis Comfort Tiffany had been the first designer of this lamp, but it would later be revealed that Clara Driscoll was the original creator of this gorgeous style of lighting. The Tiffany lamp grew in popularity in 1893 thanks to the Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Tiffany had displayed his lamps there and it became one of the most sought-after items of that time period. The inspiration of course came from

Meet Michael Dupille- Glass Artist and Guest Instructor

Meet Michael Dupille- Glass Artist and Guest Instructor Delphi Glass is pleased to welcome guest instructor Michael Dupille. Michael will be teaching two classes this May and June at the Delphi Creativity Center in Lansing, MI. Get to know this innovative glass artist and be inspired by his techniques. See a collection of his works on our Pinterest board. Michael is considered a pioneer in the field of kiln formed glass and has created many of the working processes and techniques which are considered standard in the warm glass industry today. Artist Bio A Seattle resident, he has worked in art his entire career as both creator and educator. Experienced in a variety of media including animation, illustration, print and textile design, he continues to challenge himself through invention and innovation. Michael was part of the glass blowing program at Central Washington University in the early 70s. Since the late 1980s he has worked extensively with glass, having