Lead Came Finishing Kit

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Product Features

  • All the supplies you need to finish your lead came project
  • Achieve professional results with quality supplies
  • Includes; black cement, whitting powder, scrub brush, fid and D-Lead hand soap
  • A Delphi Exclsuive Kit!

Product Description

exclusive Get all the supplies you need to finish your lead came project in one convenient kit!
Kit includes 1 lb of black cement, 1-1/2 lbs of Whiting Powder, scrub brush, fid, 5 pair of disposable gloves and D-Lead hand soap. Achieving professional results are easy with this Delphi exclusive kit!

Black cement will give your projects a lovely antiqued finish right away while securing glass and adding support to your leaded glass projects. Use Whiting Powder to help set up the putty. This also cleans up additional cement in one easy step. If you are left with any excess cement in hard to reach places, use the point of the hook on the fid to help. Its small size makes it indispensable in stained glass work. The included D-Lead hand soap is ideal for cleaning your hands when you're done.

Delphi Tip: Cut the scrub brush in half, allowing one half to be used strictly for cement and the other for whitting powder.

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