Adding Zinc and Handy Hangers to Round Panels #FacebookLive

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Published: May 9, 2024
Learn from Roy and Daisy how to create a zinc frame to round and oval panels. Plus, see how to add Handy Hangers to them.
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    Drop Rings #FacebookLive

    We are talking about slumping with drop rings. Roy and Val talk about firing schedules, glass thickness and firing schedules. They also show how to create your own custom drop ring molds.

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    Draping Glass #FacebookLive

    We are talking about draping glass over fusing forms. Learn how to measure, create a base and more!

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    Raking #FacebookLive

    See how tRoy and Val comb designs in glass when the temperature is approximately 1650 - 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Heart Paperweights #FacebookLive

    Watch Izzy and Roy create a heart paperweight using our furnace.

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    Measuring and Cutting Glass for Your Fusing Molds

    We often get asked “How do you measure your molds for your glass?“. So we will be talking about just that! Roy and Val show a variety of molds and how we figure out what size glass you’ll need.

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    Working with Texture Molds #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val as they talk about different ways to use them. Listed below are the firing schedules we used. Ramp / Temperature / Hold Time Roy's Firing Schedule: Segment 1: 300 / 1000 / 40 mins Segment 2: 200 / 1225 / 1 hour 30 mins Segment 3: 150 / 1470 / 12 mins Segment 4: 9999 (FULL) / 900 / 1 hour 30 mins Val's Firing Schedule: Segment 1: 250 / 1000 / 1 hour Segment 2: 200 / 1225 / 1 hour Segment 3: 250 / 1440 / 14 mins Segment 4: 9999 (FULL) / 900 / 1 hour 30 mins

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    Painting with Glassline Pens #FacebookLive

    In this video we are talking about glass painting with Glassline Pens. Roy and Val as they show you how to use them and how to incorporate them into more than just fused projects.

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    Fusing Photo Paper #FacebookLive

    Have you heard of photo fusing paper? If not, Roy and Val will tell you all about it. How to use it. What is the best glass to use with it and how to fire it.

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    Hot Shot Kiln #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val show you the Hot Shot Clamshell Kiln With TAP Controller featuring cool touch technology. #FacebookLive #LearnFromDelphiExperts #Fusing #NewKiln #GlassFusing #GlassArtists #BeCreative

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    Fused Glass Flowers

    Do you enjoy your neighbors flowers but don’t have a green thumb yourself? Then this video is for you. Roy and Val are showing you how to create your own glass flowers using Creative Paradise molds. The Fused Glass Flowers Book: Hardware Kit: Glass Casting Video: Vitrigraph Video:

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    Compatibility when Fusing Glass with the Stress Tester #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val talk about glass compatibility when fusing. We are showcasing the Stress Tester that gives you the ability to see what the naked eye can’t.

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    Fusing Q&A #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val answer your fusing questions during our Facebook Live.

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    Creating Blown and Sculptural Glass Art in our Furnace

    Roy and Madison are showing you how they create a jellyfish paper weight as well as a blown ornament.

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    Heart Projects You’ll Love #FacebookLive

    During our Facebook Live Roy and Val show you fun Valentine’s day project ideas. Download our free heart stained glass panel:

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    Creating Fused Holiday Projects with Scrap Glass #FacebookLive

    Let’s make fast fusing projects for the holidays. During this Facebook live Roy and Val are sharing ideas for creating holiday projects using something we all have, scrap glass!

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    Glass Casting #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val are sharing tips and tricks for all things casting. We talk about primer, frit and grits as well as the best way to layer.

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    Clear Dichroic Glass #FacebookLive

    Let’s talk dichroic glass. In particular clear dichroic glass. We love using clear but often hear others prefer dichroic on black. Roy and Val talk about the many benefits and ways to use it.

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    Using Fiber Paper #FacebookLive

    What is fiber paper? How do I use it and what applications is is best for?

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    Kiln Wash vs Boron Nitride

    Should I use kiln wash or boron nitride? We hear that question a lot! Roy and Val talk about both and the reasons to choose one over the other.

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    Working with Dichroic Slide and Decals #FacebookLive

    Learn tips and tricks from Roy and Val on working with and incorporating dichroic slide and decals! See how easy they are to add to projects and best practices for firing schedules.

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