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Published: February 16, 2018
Delphi Glass was founded on the belief that making art glass projects should be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, from budding craftspeople to professional artists. We believe in helping people be creative and making the glass arts enjoyable and rewarding. Delphi fulfills its commitment to the arts by assisting creative projects of individuals and supporting the development of educational programs in schools and communities. Throughout the year Delphi hosts some of the biggest events in the art glass community. Learn about our annual Art Glass Festival and juried contest at See all our Upcoming Classes & Events here: Visit Delphi Glass: Subscribe to Delphi Glass for more videos and project ideas:
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    Using Armour Etching Cream for Glass Projects

    Delphi instructor Steena Gaut demonstrates how to use Armour Etching cream to add subtle embellishments to your glass projects.

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    How to Use KraftyBlok Water-Slide Decal Paper

    This video demonstrates how to use KraftyBlok high quality laser water-slide decal paper. It allows you to transfer your color artwork to a multitude of surfaces. Using water-slide paper products, you can customize, decorate, and enhance the appearance of almost anything! All it takes is a computer and a laser printer to design and print your decals. Decal paper is easy to use and can be applied to most surfaces including: plastics (model planes, trains, automobiles, etc), glass (trophies, clocks, etc), wax (candles), wood (art, furnishings, crafts), metal, leather, tile (for kitchens, bathrooms, etc), pottery, ceramics & enamel.

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    How to Assemble the G2 Bottle Cutter

    A demonstration of how to assemble the new G2 Bottle Cutter, used to cut bottles of all shapes and sizes.

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    How to Use the Ephrem's Bottle Cutter

    Watch Ephrem himself, creator of Ephrem's Bottle Cutter, demonstrate how to use this popular product. Learn how to cut bottles in five steps.

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    How to Use the G2 Bottle Cutter

    Learn all about the new G2 Bottle Cutter. Its lightweight design allows you to easily score and separate discarded bottles and jars in just 3 easy steps. Bottles of varying shapes and sizes can be turned into sculptures, vases, votive holders and more!

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    KraftyBlok Project Ideas and Inspiration

    Watch this video to give you ideas on how to use your Kraftyblok. A pre-drilled glass block, it's easy to add lights or other decoration inside. The smooth, clear glass surface makes it easy to mosaics, painting, etching or other decorative effects. Made by Diamond Tech Crafts. To see all the Krafyblok products currently offered by Delphi Glass please follow this link:

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