How to Fuse Glass In Your Fuseworks Craft Kiln

More Using Your Fuseworks™ Craft Kiln

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Published: April 1, 2019
Learn How To Melt & Fuse Glass in the Fuseworks Craft Kiln by Diamond Tech Crafts with 3 Fun & Easy Projects! Before you begin fusing with your Craft Kiln, make sure you properly set up your kiln first! Watch this quick tutorial on how to set up your Craft Kiln if you haven't Already: If You Want to skip ahead: FUSING STYLES - 1:08 WHAT IS COE? - 3:01 PROJECT: FUSED PENDANTS - 3:33 USING MOLDS IN THE CRAFT KILN - 6:42 PROJECT: CAST GLASS MAGNETS - 7:32 PROJECT: SLUMPED DISH - 8:48 To find a dealer near you, visit: Follow us on Social Media and share your crafty inspirations using the hashtag #CraftyCorner Subscribe to Diamond Tech Crafts for more videos and project ideas: Diamond Tech Crafts is a manufacturer of craft and art glass tools and supplies. We take pride in our leadership within the craft and art glass industries by providing quality, in-demand wholesale products to businesses of all sizes. Our simple mission statement is to help people be creative! Diamond Tech Crafts. Inspiring Creativity! LEARN • CREATE • BE HAPPY!
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